FireAID is a non-profit organisation of international dimension whose mission is to contribute to building a resilient inclusive society.

In FireAID we focus our efforts on improving the capacity of the most vulnerable groups to recover from damaging events. Our actions are implemented by a multinational and multidisciplinary team of experts and often in cooperation with local NGOs and public administrations. Since our foundation in 2012, we have cooperated with organisation from 15 countries from Europe and Asia.

EuroBomberos is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to empower professional and volunteer firefighters as agents of social change.

EuroBomberos is currently composed by the 3 chief fire officers, 2 sociologists, 2 fire inspectors, 34 firefighters and 28 fire cadets.

The Firefighters Association of Zagreb is a non-profit organisation that encompasses 55 volunteer fire departments and the Public Firefighting Brigade of Zagreb, and it currently works with 2,182 fire cadets.

Every year, the Firefighters Association of Zagreb provides training to volunteer fire departments and fire cadets on emergency response to natural disasters.

The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Kwilcz is a non-profit organisation and part of the National Fire and Rescue System in Poland. 

The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Kwilcz gathers together over 120 fire cadets and volunteer firefighters, who primarily work for the benefit of the local community. Its Youth Fire Brigade, formed by around 60 fire cadets, co-operates with local schools, kindergartens, a cultural center, church and other partner associations.

We are experts on Quality Management in European projects. Our team has more than 15 years of experience on planning and controlling quality in European projects.

We do Quality Management from the very first step of the project -the needs assessment- until the last step -the final reporting-. We believe that establishing quality as a priority at every step of the process is the most effective way of assuring high quality outcomes as confirmed by our track record.